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    Does your business have a specific problem that you think some sort of custom program can solve and accomplish? We can build it! Software developed specifically for your business, software that you can own as your own proprietary software.


    Do you have several electronic devices, programs, and other technologies that you wish could communicate with each other? This is called ‘Application Integration’, which is the ability for several different systems that your business runs, to be integrated together into one big, synchronized system. Do you need a Sales system to be connected to your Payroll system so your salesman’s can automatically have their commission added to their payroll?

  • Mobile Apps

    Does your business need an App in the Google PlayStore? We focused in Android App Development, so we create your business and get it approved by Google, until it reaches the PlayStore!

We use three main development languages: Java, SQL, & Python. We focus on 2-week development sprints. This is, we develop a portion of the full software project every 2-weeks, demo it to you, ask for your feedback, and make any changes necessary that you might want to make in the project. A holistic view of the full development cycle looks as the following: PLANING->DEFINING->DESIGNING->BUILDING->TESTING->DEPLOYMENT